It is NOW Illegal supply and/or use of Agricultural Strength weedkiller for domestic use and that includes Allotments

It is perfectly acceptable for Plotholders to use DOMESTIC WEEDKILLER as available in garden centres and Supermarkets provided all advised precautions are adhered to!!


Nicotineoids have been outlawed by EU Regulations in 2016 primarily because of their proven harm to insect populations and detrimental effect on insects in general and pollinators in particular. both opollinators and insects are -vital  to the worlds food suppliers !

Glyphosates Have been under review  THEIR USE HAS BEEN EXTENDED BY FIVE YEARS to 2022

No RESTRICTED PRODUCTS should be available to-or used by unlicensed operators and only then in specific circumstances 



Ref issue 1  2017
Allotment and Leisure gardener  Publication (Page 25)

This is a summary the product it relates to is most commonly described as 

or’ Roundup’ type as intended for PROFESSIONAL USE

An interesting article is published in the above relating to use
of AGRICULTURAL OR PROFESSIONAL Weedkiller.  In response to a readers
question about the purchase-use and appropriate training for those who wish to
use them.

It was advised that to use pesticides responsibly. Any Person using the Agricultural STRENGTH Product
MUST  hold  The NPTC spraying certificate PA1 (theory)
that will then allow that person to apply for the NPTC (Practical) to qualify
in the use of handheld applicator.  (Typically a backpack reservoir tank)

Since November 26th 2015 it is  ILLEGAL to supply and/or use PROFESSIONAL PESTICIDES such as those supplied and intended to be used in agriculture, OR to provide any
intended user with these products until the specified individual has
provided these above mentioned TWO  certified qualifications

Standard "Roundup" commonly sold on the High Street is not yet affected ,BUT may be Reviewed in the near future.

BUT a lot of the products sold on the internet AUCTION sites ARE subject to the above ruling

Further information may be found on the NPTC website