To Do in April

SPRING IS UPON US HOPEFULLY “COVID is on the wane and restrictions may ease off gradually.

Outdoor daily exercise is highly recommended for all -just keep your distance-and keep the hand sanitiser handy

Government spoksman Michael Gove  recently confirmed, in an interview  with Dan Carter on BBC Breakfast TV .

"Maintenance Gardening on an allottment is an excellent and fully permissable outdoor activity-PROVIDED YOU ADHERE TO THE CURRENT DISTANCING ruling a minimum of 2 metres from any other individual"

Most of us will have stuff planted up or prepping in the greenhouse

A  preferred is consistent outdoor air temperature 14-16 degrees C needed for healthy plant growth


i would hold off planting out just yet for another week or two

If you haven’t already done so its time to clear out the greenhouse and disinfect it thoroughly to eradicate all those nasties lurking there over the winter months

Second early potatoes should be going in now

Brassica seedlings could be started ready for planting out in a few months time, these may benefit from protection under a cloche or fleece.

Protect pea seedlings with pea sticks or similar to prevent the birds pecking them off

Carrots can be sown now as well in free draining (sandy) fertile soil.

Start courgettes cucumbers and tomatoes in the greenhouse



2021has so far proved an ideal seasonal start for growers- as to be expected the warm dry spell we have all been very grateful for, now means we’d like to see a bit of rain forecast?

Many gardeners may have a greenhouse full of seedlings ready for planting out indeed many have already moved these into a cold frame to begin hardening off.

Personally I’d wait another week or two as we may yet encounter a cold spell to round off April

Early potatoes should be showing through now- don’t neglect to earth these up to combat cold nights- treat them like babies !

If you have fruit trees “Codling Moth” traps should be out by now -the rule of thumb is as soon as blossom appears Codling Moth may be about, apple trees become vulnerable, particularly if we have warmer periods- early blossom is showing now!

The same applies to Plum Moth Traps. Plum blossom has been out for almost a week already