Things to be doing in July

Things to be doing on the plot in July


Keep watering your plants in this warmer weather- remember ALL PLANTS can ONLY absorb the nutrients that exist naturally in the soil via the tiny hair like capillary root system in LIQUID form. You may need to enhance their needs with a little high potash liquid fertiliser once a week applied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions this  will enhance both growth and flavour of most crops. THE dowside to this is it may also enhance weed growth

This advice is critical if fruit bushes are being grown in pots where the nutrients in compost are likely exhaust very quickly

Stay on top of weeding. Weeds rob your crops of those vital nutrients you may well be paying for, so its vital these weds are kept to a minimum.

New non productive growth on Gooseberries -in fact ANY berries  should be reduced to two axils from the stem to help stimulate next years growth

Strawberry runners should be potted into new pots for a few weeks to grow on BEFORE cutting the link to the parent plant- you will then have a new stock of plants for future years. Runners taken now may not be expected to bear fruit for another two seasons

Stay very aware of pests and diseases which are most obvious at this time of year. There are countless websites available offering good sound advice on how to deal most effectively with these, both chemically and/or organically.