Norfolk constabulary manpower is now severely restricted- only incidents involving threat to life or limb are likely to warrant any police response

The very latest incidents in particular where troublesome evictions  are concerned the police have refuse to intervene deeming that these matters require civil actions involving solicitors to be retained and solicitors letters delivered- all at significant cost to GY&GAA BEFORE any legal action can be invoked

It is now essential to take adequate precautions to protect your own and your neighbours property and posesisons

See the menu for plot security !!!

The police no longer deal with "lost property" or provide crime numbers for insurers for lost items- ONLY in the case of "investigated" criminal theft

Keep up to date with local crime alerts and statistics in "Police Direct" and enter the location details you require

All Members are asked to submit individual reports on ANY criminal incident to the police  

THIS IS AN ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT BOTH FOR POLICE RECORDS and any pending INSURANCE CLAIM provided a police investigaion takes place !,

Please inform the General Secretary and ask advice about any loss or damage to property.

The least frustrating way to report any incident  in Gorleston is via email to

in the Great Yarmouth area check on line for your area snt team then add it to your contacts

please quote your name and address- a contactable phone number- a brief description of the incident

someone will call you back when shift patterns and operational commitments allow.

If there appears any immediate danger to life or limb OR a crime is in progress.  CALL 999