A member was at length to point out to me 'locks only prevent honest people from borrowing things you'd probably rather they didn't "


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"Trail cameras"  These appear ro be rhe only "cost effective" cameras readily available.  Please be aware these trail may have limited Range, the ones detailed here have a usable triggering/mption detecting/recording range of only 5 metres.  Please read the manufacturers guidelines BEFORE purchasing.  Properly secured and protected they may be a worthwhile investment. The expected costs

Camera £80

secure cover £30 As I have found to my cost- this cover must be securely -Non accessibly- “BOLTED” to any support

keyed alike padlock (if you have more than one camera)  £20

SD card 32Gb "(sandisk") £30

Batterries X6  Duracell High power  ONLY ( rechargable batteries have a limited “charged” lifespan 3 weeks as opposed to pre charged Duracell hi power’s 3 months) £10

So total outlay some £180 per installation 

Running cost Anually around£40 (to replace batteries every 3 months or so.)

It is thoroughly recommended the camera is mounted on an 3-4 metre length of substantial 50 mm angle iron stake cemented into the ground leaving around 2.5 metre “or more” to attach the camera. Should you require advice on setting up positioning etc please contact me onezip@hotmail.co.uk BEFORE spending any money !!  Thecamera costs (£180 quoted have a limited recording range, longer range cameras UP TO 25 Yards are available buy cost (£300 plus) at least double money !


A good lock securely fitted makes it much more challenging to gain entry.

Walking round the plots recently, it is clear some people take this issue more seriously than others

A good lock (Preferably the discus style) from a reputable maker should cost around £18-25 Those Illustrated are "Abus" 70mm

A GENUINE "ABUS "discus style padlock and Co-ordinating specific "ABUS" close fitting hasp make removal  ie boltcutters more difficult

A hardened steel hasp about another £18
Avoid cheap "Far East imports" only buy from authorised distributors

(gnore this asvice at your peril)
Stainless nuts and bolts to fit around £5 for 6

Locks referred to as 'discus' style are very close fitting leaving little space to insert any kind of lever
These  and many other padlocks can be bought in 1's 2's or 3's  SPECIFIED 'keyed alike' so one key fits all locks you still get 2 keys with each

There are so many fake lookalikes around it is most prudent to go to an assured reputable supplier such as "Abus" direct. Lookalikes may be of inferior metal-fewer internal levers- not matchable in keyed alike format or most infuriating poor quality keys that bend or snap very easily. I have fallen foul of all these it is just not worth the risk.

The seemingly penetrable exterior shiplap conceals a much less penetrable 'shuttering ply' inner layer through which the solid steel hasp and hinges are securely bolted

A word of caution- I Found the bolts supplied were too thick and too short to penetrate the depth I needed- Stainless steel (advisable) These items stainless steel nuts -boltsand washers can be supplied by "Westgate Fastenings" on Harfreys 
Bolting the hasp is only part of the job -the back plate and hinges must also be bolted by at least two bolts
where sheds are constructed of ship lap and boards easily removed- consider cladding the interior throughout with shuttering ply
including and especially the door not forgetting to bolt through the ply

This will all cost money and but it should deter the opportunist thief or even the well tooled determined burglar

keep nothing of value in your shed and use it solely as a storm shelter and/or tea hut


This style of locking tools in will protect theives removing these items too easily- to enhance this option

Solid steel "lockable door bars" are available  in a vaeiety of lengths- 1metre-2 Metres -starting at around £30 from Amazon-ebay or other sites