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Mobile 07557 478002

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The Site Management Representative meets with the Great Yarmouth Allotment Association Committee
first Wednesday every Month months to discuss site issues 

The Site Management Representative deals ONLY with Association issues apertaining to the site

Any issues or complaints related to the running of the GY&GAA

email OR in writing only to:-

5 Thurne Way Ormsby

Great Yarmouth NR29 3SQ

The GY&GAA Committee will not recognise any complaint in any other form

The Site Secretary dealls with all issues appertaining to the Allotment  site

Site secretary's contact details should appear on the site page to which they manage

Meets with the Association Chair and
General Secretary  
and all other Association Secretaries
every month (NEW FROM MARCH 2018) to discuss members issues, site reqirements and improvements

Next meeting TO BE NOTIFIED BY GENERAL SECRETARY 2017 @MESH This venue is also under revue watch this space