As some of you may know we are working down on the Common Road Site to clear a lot of waste, Debris and...

Well to be honest we have no idea what else.  This work is in conjunction with the work we have been doing with Norfolk County Council, Great Yarmouth Borough Council and The Drainage Board to illeviate flooding issues for the residents of Burgh Road.  We have secured a grant for some of the work, to the value of £5000.   What we really need over the next couple of weekends are some volunteers to help Management clearing the land. We have already spent 2 weekends doing it but there are just not enough of us for the work involved.

If you would like to volunteer please contact either The General Secretary - Dale -  on 07557478002 or the Chairperson - Donna - on 07584066546.

It is boggy and hazardous at present but hopefully with a few of you helping that should soon clear it.


Thanks in Advance



New- maybe more convenient rent payment options are to be introduced from 2019 on a trial basis with a hope they may be accepted as the norm from 2020


See the “menu” Future Rent Charges

Rent increase notification for 2020

                                       Please note Rents for 2019 remain unchanged 

The GY&GAA Committee have agreed a rise of £0.30p per Rod for the year beginning 2020

This will mean a standard 10 Rod Single plot will cost an additional £3 per year from 2020