UPDATE 5th August 2022

A further meeting with JPH-Borough- Council and representatives from GYGAA   regarding the PROPOSED land swop is scheduled for Wednesday 17th August. A SITE MEETING IS TO BE HELD THE FOLLOWING SATURDAY 20th August 

What a civilised meeting. The opportunity to meet Rob who is acting as gygaa  Land Agent in our negotiations with the JPH Hospital Trust was well received by all -and very informative to both him and members present.

 John makes a valiant effort to suppress the  

"mares tail"infestation on his Woodfarm plot, I just hope it works for him.

John, to his great credit, has also deep drilled two other "empty" plots in close proximity to his own which were similarly infested with this pernicious weed. "way to go John" well done.

This is Mares Tail- it spreads via spores carried on boots and clothing as well,as tools. So please make sure to clean off any tools thoroughly. BURN  ANY material. PLEASE DO NOT PUT  IT ON YOUR compost  bin.





Plots are available on many sites

anyone interested 

PLEASE CONTACT THE GENERAL Secretary by email ONLY -ASAP to secure a plot 



Just a quick note. (From the General Secretary)

We still have members who have not paid for this year.  If you are one of those please contact the General Secretary or myself to arrange payment, otherwise you will be receiving a notice giving you 7 days to vacate your plot. Its not for the Secretary or Management to chase for payment. You know the payment dates, its your responsibility to make sure you pay on time.

Woodfarm Latest update-: To get the latest update on any progress with the JPH proposal you are strongly advised to join the gygaa's Facebook group. This group is ONLY available to REGISTERED members formally registered with the Association.


 Re posted message extract from the GY&GAA Facebook page  (26thAug 21)administered by GYGAA Chair Donna Millar

 Hi everyone
We are aware that there was an online meeting last night 20th August 21 with the JPH.

I have read an article which has been written as if funding had already been guaranteed. I want to let you know that this is not the case, but purely how the press have written the article.
The Paget have to do this as part of the justification exercise and one of the boxes they need to tick in order to present their case to evidence that they have covered everything required in their tender for funding, such as public engagement. They will not be completing or sending their tendor or Soc its called until next January or February, which is later than the original October this year that they were working to as Government has pushed it back again.
On that thank you for asking when you hear things, it allows us to be able to explain or find out more detail.


COVID 19 Restrictions are to be removed  from Monday 19th July 2021

Woodfarm members see WOODFARM allotment page for  more specific detail about rent collection. 


Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Allotment Association have launched a new Facebook Page for Members ONLY

this is restricted page and requires you to register. You must sugn up to "Facebook" then search for Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Allotment Association- from that page you can apply for registration by entering some details. -assuming you paid this years rent and your details check out -within 24 hrs you should have priviledged access to the facebook page..


Following a number of  recent incidents ALL plotholders are reminded there is a overall BAN on burning on any allotment site betwen  the 1st of July and the end of October. NO plotholder should burn any waste materials on any site during this period.

Ignoring this directive may jeopardise your tenancy

This directive was issued on thr most recent copy of your "Tenancy Aggreement " which ALL plotholders are required to sign to agree they understand and accept  when you pay your annual rent. If YOU have NOT received a copy please ask your Site Secretary or contact the General Secretary.


Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Allotment Association Ltd.  Registered office, 5 Queens Road, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2QP.

Registration no IP08527 R Norfolk.

Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Allotment Association


General Secretary Dale Miller – 5 Thurne Way, Ormesby St Margaret, Great Yarmouth. NR29 3SQ

Mobile 07557 478002 email secretarygyandgaa@hotmail.com





Check site notice boards for dates and times.

Seriously consider setting up a "standing order" or direct "bank transfer" to pay your rent annually.

contact the General Secretary for details and YOUR personal reference 



 A new page outlining the Rules and Regulations GY&GAA are legally obliged to conform to is on the menu.

 Details  of Payment arrangements

These should be available NOW on all site notice boards NEW DATES may have been revised recently so


The times and dates of Cash rent Coll (Cheques are preferred -Please ensure your name-Site AND plot number's are written on the reverse of your cheque) Collections details should also be posted on site notice boards

New Rent charts for 2020/21 are on the menu (for sites both with AND without water) please check you refer to the correct chart.

To pay directly by "standing order" or "bank transfer"  Please contract the General Secretary ASAP when you will be advised of the appropriate GY&GAA account to pay into.


Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Allotment Association