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John makes a valiant effort to suppress the  

"mares tail"infestation on his Woodfarm plot, I just hope it works for him.

John, to his great credit, has also deep drilled two other "empty" plots in close proximity to his own which were similarly infested with this pernicious weed. "way to go John" well done.

This is Mares Tail- it spreads via spores carried on boots and clothing as well,as tools. So please make sure to clean off any tools thoroughly. BURN  ANY material. PLEASE DO NOT PUT  IT ON YOUR compost  bin.





Plots are available on many sites

anyone interested 

PLEASE CONTACT THE GENERAL Secretary by email ONLY -ASAP to secure a plot 


Woodfarm Latest update-: To get the latest update on any progress with the JPH proposal you are strongly advised to join the gygaa's Facebook group. This group is ONLY available to REGISTERED members formally registered with the Association.



Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Allotment Association have launched a new Facebook Page for Members ONLY

this is restricted page and requires you to register. You must sugn up to "Facebook" then search for Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Allotment Association- from that page you can apply for registration by entering some details. -assuming you paid this years rent and your details check out -within 24 hrs you should have priviledged access to the facebook page..


Following a number of  recent incidents ALL plotholders are reminded there is a overall BAN on burning on any allotment site betwen  the 1st of July and the end of October. NO plotholder should burn any waste materials on any site during this period.

Ignoring this directive may jeopardise your tenancy

This directive was issued on thr most recent copy of your "Tenancy Aggreement " which ALL plotholders are required to sign to agree they understand and accept  when you pay your annual rent. If YOU have NOT received a copy please ask your Site Secretary or contact the General Secretary. 

 A new page outlining the Rules and Regulations GY&GAA are legally obliged to conform to is on the menu.