Commended Varieties


 "Elfe" Seed potatoes (DT  Brown catalogue) a highly commmended Main crop variety of Potato is available to order 

(Now out of stock 2018) make a note for next year


My highly Commended Supplier for Fruit trees is  “Mail Order Trees”

Some Recommended Starter Apple Trees- bearing in mind you may have a five year growing program before any significant crop may appear. This very much depends on how much you are prepared to pay for your tree.

A one or two year old tree from a local supermarket may seem cheap, but many things may be dubious-Labelling in these sources are frequently innacurate ? is it from a disease resistant stock- is it on a size defined rootstock.  GY&GAAA rules dictate Fruit trees should not exceed 3 Metres-and most important is it labelled correctly. I have fallen foul of all of these issues in the past, resulting in trees having to be cut down and disposed after 5-6 years. All that expectation LOST! For a few £££’s

Fruit tree size (Height and Spread) is governed by the Rootstock your chosen variety is grafted on to. Try to get trees on a M26 Root Stock (The inherent genes govern growth) M26 Rootstock indicates it is limited to around 3M in height


Below I have suggested a few of my most favoured varieties  I like and hope you may too !

  • ‘El Star’ superb crisp flavourful juicy eating apple
  • ‘Kidds Orange Red’ Similar to above
  • ‘Ribston Pippin’
  • ‘Golden Noble’ May be difficult to find but (I think) worth the effort-a true ‘Norfolk’ bred variety
  • ‘Chivers’ another Norfolk Apple of excellent flavour
  • Greensleeves Dual Purpose Cullinary then matures  during September into Dessert  with a good cooked Flavour  but superb cooked, keeps its shape- so slices cook as slices.(Lovely on an Apple Flan) Ripens to a lemon yellow in September. When fully ripened NO added sugar is required This Applewill Store if unblemished till Christmas
  • I must mention "Pitmaerston Pineapple" not only for its glorious name but for the flavour of these apples. A small apple ( Great for kids lunch boxes) but a delicios sweet flavour unlike any other apple i have tried but delicious. It is a small size about the size of a Tennis Ball, if you can harvest enough of them they make the most delicious "Apple Juice " i have ever tasted

Of course there are many others. I can only repeat earlier advice, attend one of the many Apple Festivals and taste from some of the hundreds of varieties available. Do make a note of these then search for those varieties on the web. My preferred supplier is “Mail Order Trees” in their fruit section. Buying from them you get a more mature tree in a pot which will likely bear fruit the following year. To date None of their trees have ever shown any sign of any disease!!  I confess they are not a cheap option- but they are a consistently reliable provider of quality assured fruit trees