Commended Varieties



Some "editors choice" commendations you may consider 

 "Elfe" Seed potatoes (DT  Brown catalogue) a highly commmended Main crop variety of Potato is available to order but it's popularity means you have to order early (Jan-Feb)

This variety is usually stocked by "Lidles" under the Albert Bartlet label should you wish to "try before you buy"


My highly Commended Supplier for Fruit trees is  “Mail Order Trees”

Some Recommended Starter Apple Trees- bearing in mind you may have a five year growing program before any significant crop may appear. This very much depends on how much you are prepared to pay for your tree.

A one or two year old tree from a local supermarket may seem cheap, but many things may be dubious-Labelling in these sources are frequently innacurate ? is it from a disease resistant stock- is it on a size defined  root stock

 GY&GAAA rules dictate Fruit trees should not exceed 3 Metres-

 £25 -£30 is a fair price to pay for a variety assured fruit tree on a defined rootstock disease free from an established reputable supplier.

An established fruit tree on M26 rootstock (5 years and upwards) should produce in excess of some 80 kilos of fruit  ANNUALLY with very little maintenance and continue to do so for more than 25 years.

My current plots (2) host 5 plum trees, 15 apple trees, 6 Pear trees and a new cherry tree in its 2nd year.

as well as a host of blueberry's-blackberry-Tayberry- and a red gooseberry.

ALL of this produce commands an increasingly high price in the Supermarkets

Fruit tree size (Height and Spread) is governed by the Rootstock your chosen variety is grafted on to. Try to get trees on a M26 Root Stock (The inherent genes govern growth) M26 Rootstock indicates it is limited to around 3M in height


Below I have suggested a few of my most favoured varieties  I like and hope you may too !

  • ‘El Star’ superb crisp flavourful juicy eating apple
  • ‘Kidds Orange Red’ Similar to above
  • ‘Ribston Pippin’
  • ‘Golden Noble’ May be difficult to find but (I think) worth the effort-a true ‘Norfolk’ bred variety
  • ‘Chivers’ another Norfolk Apple of excellent flavour
  • Greensleeves Dual Purpose Cullinary then matures  during September into Dessert  with a good cooked Flavour  but superb cooked, keeps its shape- so slices cook as slices.(Lovely on an Apple Flan) Ripens to a lemon yellow in September. When fully ripened NO added sugar is required This Apple should  Store if unblemished till Christmas
  • I must mention "Pitmaerston Pineapple" not only for its glorious name but for the flavour of these apples. A small apple ( Great for kids lunch boxes) but a delicious sweet flavour unlike any other apple i have tried but delicious. It is a small size about the size of a Tennis Ball, if you can harvest enough of them they make the most delicious "Apple Juice"  you could wish for.

Of course there are many others. I can only repeat earlier advice, attend one of the many Apple Festivals and taste from some of the hundreds of varieties available. Do make a note of these then search for those varieties on the web. My preferred supplier is “Mail Order Trees” in their fruit section. Buying from them you get a more mature tree in a pot which will likely bear some fruit the following year. To date None of their trees have ever shown any sign of any disease!!  I confess they are not a cheap option- but they are a consistently reliable provider of quality assured fruit trees